Knitting Help

A special note about this page: I  have placed these links here more for my convenience than yours; sorry to be so blunt. It was a convenient way to organize and access sites I didn't want to loose in this big wide world of tech info. If you choose to go to the site, no problem. If you choose to use the information you find there, no problem. If you copy and distribute the information you find there, that is a problem. If you do that without acknowledging the creator, that is a BIG TIME PROBLEM. Honor the hard work and creativity of others as you would have others honor yours. Sorry, I don't know who said that first, but my Mother used the general theme quite a bit.


My Favorite YouTube Instructors - in no particular order ...


TKGA Master Teachers. Problem with these links - repair underway. 


My Favorite Web Sites - again, no particular order ...


TKGA Recommended

      Index of yarns and their substitutes

Vogue Knitting
      Patterns, ads, knitting help, ads, interviews, ads ... you get the picture

Twist Collective
     An e-zine comprised of an edited collection of patterns and articles about knitting and its associated parts. The patterns are for sale; the articles are free to be read by all.

TKGA Group on Ravelry
      Of course, TKGA is my first choice for information. This group has the answer for any knitting question and many more subjects as well.

Knitting Help
       An essential site for videos on the basics for knitting and slightly beyond. Warning: once I tried to explore the site and left the first page I linked to, I never found my way back so I could see those help videos!

Knitty eZine
       A good source for produt and book reviews, it also has numerous patterns with a good search engine to find exactly what you are looking for.

Yarn and Craft Council
      Yarn and size standards and symbols as well as measurements. Some free patterns are offered as well as learning information and resources for additional sites for patterns and general information.

TKGA Cast On Magazine - Membership Required for Access
       Access to many, but not all, of the articles published in back issues for references used in the classes for the Basics, Basics, Basics and Master's Programs offered through TKGA.

Knitting on the Net
      This site is from the list on White Horse Knitting's site, one of the TKGA Master Knitteers. The author wrote The Complete Idiot's Guide To
Knitting & Crocheting Illustrated (3rd ed.),
Barbara Breiter. She uses her site to provide free patterns, glossaries of terms, abbreviations and stitches. There is an index to Barbara Walters' three stitch pattern books, but I was unable to open it.

Found On My Own

xmarks - Bookmark Sync and Search 
      Caution: You may or may not be familiar with the term metasearch engine, but this site is actually a "free download" with an available "upgrade" for purchase for a similar search engine that serves not only as a metasearch engine but also as a bookmarking tool for all of your searched sites. I believe it also provides statistics on the specific sites brought up in your search, which in my opinion makes it a marketing tool. So long story short, as a retired marketing professional, I just thought this was interesting. You will see many of the sites I have listed below as well as many not listed, some good and some useless. By listing it here, I am in no way recommending it for use and certainly not for purchase.

Jimmy Beans Wool 
      Some instructional videos as well as product reviews. Product source for yarns, patterns, and tools.

      This is a great site for knitting tutorials, as well as free patterns and shopping links. Her joining circular knitting is especially well done. 

Liat Gatt - knitfreedom 
      Get past the "for sale" items and there are some useful free items as well, both videos and patterns.

How To Use a Knitting Spool 
      That's it. I was tired of making I-cord, went to the store and bought this gadget, and then realized I didn't know how to make it work; thus the search for a video.

Wonder How To 
      This link goes straight to How To cast on, but there are other videos as well. It generally just covers the basics for knitting and other subjects as well.

A Pleasant Voice With Knowledge to Share 
      elsteffo is a Raveler from Rovaniemi, Lapland, Finland, with several videos on YouTube. She is easy to listen to and has a variety of information to share.

I-Cord - More Than You Wanted to Know 
     Here is an article and a video on I-Cord, and it appears pretty comprehensive.  This article is from a lovely blog, Keep On Knitting, create by a knitter to share her knowledge and create community around knitting. She sounds like a lovely and knowledgeable woman.
      Who hasn't been here? A wealth of information and a must for every knitter's bookmark list. Don't forget, there is an app available as well. You will find it only under iPhone, but it is also compatible with iPod Touch and iPad.

Knit Purl Hunter
      Another Ravelry member, Michelle shares her talent for knitting and skills developed as an educator in valuable tutorials. Definitely a "don't miss" site.

      This link happens to go to Jenny's Magic Cast-on, but we are all familar with the e-Zine, knitty.  Patterns, articles, shopping, pretty much all the news for knitters is contained in this site.

MinKnit Designs
      Another Ravelry member, this designer's blog includes videos, podcasts, patterns (a couple free and lots more for sale), and many social media links.

Judy Becker
      I believe this is the Judy referred to in "Judy's Magic Cast-On". At least there are several videos here for that cast-on.

Knit Witch 
      A very nice library of helpful videos, this is another of our Ravelry members.

      Another of our Ravelry members, Lorraine knits and crochets for charity. She has a few patterns for sale and all the proceeds go back into her charity knitting. I choose her YouTube for learning about the braided join.

Jane Richmond
     A prolific Ravelry designer, Jane only has a few tutorials. I selected her for a specific tutorial on joining a new thread with a special "magic knot."

Planet Purl
     An interesting site with lots of activity going on.  Join in, find it, buy it, talk about it, and (my main interest) learn about it. Her video link is located at the very bottom, left-hand column.
      Certainly not a first choice, once in awhile you can strike a lucky like with a search here. I am always tempted to keep searching, but often I find a different term to use so I can redirect my search for other sites.

Faina Goberstein
     Two tutorials make this blog worthy of a visit; improving selvedge edges and why and how to swatch. It's an older blog, 2011 was the newest entry I could find, but worth a visit.

      I choose this video specifically to learn about making cables without using a cable needle. Here is the link to Jennifer Stafford's blog. She wrote the book domiKNITrix: Whit Your Knitting Into Shape. Her blog has links to more video's as well as other valuable knitting information.

Laws of Knitting
      A very nicely designed blog about knitting, Joan has set a goal of taking a beginning knitter from the very first experience with yarn on through the many different roads and turns of the knitting process. As she adds more videos to her collection, she becomes an even more valuable resource to the knitting community.

Woolly Wormhead 
      This site took my breath away. First of all, having nothing to do with knitting, I learned about pdf and photo sizing. With regard to knitting, this is definitely a go to site for hats. Patterns, to purchase, how to measure, and some how to information, makes this a must have site for hats. 

Classic Elite Yarns 
      This was a nice surprise. I am not a big fan of yarn sites; I think of Lion Brand and think, okay, yeah. This site, however, is a very nice exception. I downloaded a great camisole pattern, free, and then looked around a little and discovered some great help videos. Makes me want to check out some of the other better yarn distributors. 

      Okay, my blog wants to grow up to be like this blog! This link is to the "support blog" for TECHknitting. Just a subtle little spelling difference there, but oh my, what a difference. I have a PAGE of links, she has a SITE of tips and how tos, and hers are alphabetized! I am humbled.

The Walker Treasury 
      Surely by now you have guessed that I am pretty eclectic about my interests in knitting, but this link is certainly another clue. This site is dedicated to the works of Barbara Walker, author of the Treasury of Knitting Books. Their only purpose is to provide color knitting swatches of every stitch pattern contained in every book, chapter, and page she published in her four stitch books. Wow. How do I come across these obscure gems, you ask? This time I was looking for the ISBN numbers for her books to make sure I was getting the correct publications when I purchase on eBay for my TKGA library I am creating. I guess my book list will become page three of this blog. Hmmm. There's a thought. 

This may be the ultimate guide for lace knitting. It is filled with links to numerous other reference sites, many of which are listed above, but these links go directly to articles relevant to lace. Pretty darn amazing site!

Eunny Jang
Wow! This gal knows her stuff about lace and steeks. Better yet, she knows who to write about it so it is understandable. Oh yeah, she also has a bit on there about how to chart a cable. I sure hope this link stays active.

Knitting Needle History 
 This gal has taken collecting to a new level. I am a tool diva, and especially a needle diva. I own my fair share, and I read and drool over many more than I will never own. I also like history, but not the war stuff, the kind about inventions and like that. If you have a needle and wonder where it came from, who made it, what it is made of, go here. If you have time to waste and want to see some interesting stuff, go here. If you should be doing the laundry, let it sit and go here. 

Knitting Fool 
I know, I am starting to repeat myself, but this site is AWESOME! You can look up a stitch pattern in a gazillion, no that is not an exageration, ways, including a kinda graph thingy, generate patterns for sweaters (which I didn't try because, why? I can't do that yet), and just have a good time looking. I am constantly amazed at the work some of these people put into these free reference sites. Did I mention AWESOME?

VeryPink Knits 
      I like this gal's videos. They are simple, straight to the point, and she has a nice pleasant and calm presentations style. She has around 250, and there are some crochet videos in there too.

     There is so much information on this blog I haven't been able to even process it all yet. I went on the trail of pattern writing information and finally had to stop when I got to someting about taking apart an older sweater and redesigning it. Way over my head, but definitely a site I wanted to keep track of for the future, so here it is.

The Sweaty Knitter
      Here is another site similar to the one above. In fact, it is the site where I bounced from to get to techKnitting. As you may be able to tell, I am currently looking at information on pattern writing. That is the topic I am working on right now for my TKGA class, Basics, Basics, Basics. There will be a lot more work around patterns and design in the Masters classes so I am just trying to get a head start. This woman, Karen Berthine, is so clever and such a delight to read, I would read her blog even if I didn't knit!

Project Gutenberg
     As a Library Technology student I should not be surprised at this find, but I really never put knitting and this amazing project together. For those of you unaware of this project, it began when one college student received his first online account. He wanted to enter something of consequence, as he saw the future of the Computer Age coming, so he entered the Declaration of Independence. The mission was "to put at everyone’s disposal, in electronic versions, as many literary works as possible for free." That project has gone from his one document in 1971 to the following: over 40,000 Books as of June 2013, in over 10 languages, with mostly volunteer workers. They have expanded their vision and are now working on an ePubProject to turn their many classics into eBooks. Who knew? The above link will take you to three classic knitting volumes. I have not read them yet, but they are on my list when I encounter my history lesson for the TKGA Masters Course. For you knitters interested in older patterns, they probably don't get much older than the ones in these books.

Antique Pattern Gallery
     Here is another link for those of you who enjoy these older patters, for looking or for knitting. This is another free site hosted by volunteers. I am really not into this, but it does seem like something that would be helpful in Lace design or other types of pattern design. What is it they say? Everything old is new again. It still amazes me what they are calling "vintage" on eBay; hey, I wore that!!

Drops Tutorial Videos
     I saw references to these but never checked them out. They wouldn't be my first choice, but they may appeal to some. They are made with no sound, because their customers are world wide. In addition to their many help tutorials for both knitting and crochet, they also have some translation assistance, a converter for inches/mm, translation for knitting terms to several languages, and pattern dictionaries.